Aceitera General Deheza S.A.

This is the founder company and the most important industrial plant in the group. This is where AGD produces most of its edible oil and peanut-based products, having certified these processes with ISO 9001.

What is produced 
Within the context of oil production, AGD at its Reflex Plant, opened in November 2011, processed crude vegetable oils to be later refined in its state of the art refinery. The multi-seed extraction lines allow the simultaneous crushing of three different oilseeds: soyabeans, sunflowerseed and pleanuts.
The complex also includes an automated oil bottling plant, producing its own PET bottles and Polyethylene caps. The premises and installations are ISO 9001 certified. 
AGD employs a husk-fed boiler that supplies the electric power for the three crushing lines, thus leading the employment of ecological and environmental technologies both in Argentina and worldwide.

It is located in the birthplace of the company, General Deheza, in the heart of, Argentina’s prime agricultural region