Guide S.A.

AGD and Bunge Argentina jointly own Puerto Guide S.A., located in the Port of Rosario.
This is a liquid vegoil loading terminal with an exclusive shipping mooring site and storage capacity for over 73,000 tons of vegoil distributed in 23 tanks.

It has four independent lines for discharging refined and crude vegoils, at a rate of 400 tons/hr for railroad wagons and over 600 tons/hr for trucks, and four lines for simultaneous shiploading at 1,000 tons/hr rate in two berths. 

The Paraná-Paraguay waterway, 3,700 km long, links the river ports of Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, among which are Guide and Terminal 6, running along a region with excellent prospects for agricultural exploitation, sofar underdeveloped due to high freight costs.

In the mid-term, new land would be incorporated for agricultural and livestock production increasing availability of raw materials. 


Av Colón 778, PISO:11, Córdoba