Protagonists of 20th century progress, the railroads were, and continue to be the main engine behind the transportation of major volumes of production and form an important part, through economic development activity, of many life stories of millions of men and women throughout the world.

In this context, and as a strategic participant of AGD’s main business operations, Nuevo Central Argentino S.A. is another fundamental link in the logistics chain that the company runs, under a 30-year state concession with a 10-year extension option, in association with other groups.

The 4757 kilometers of NCA lines link the provinces of Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, Córdoba, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires; they link storage facilities with industrial plants and ports; connecting the rest of the country as well through its trains of 3,000 metric tons loading capacity.

Therefore, having safety as a priority factor of the operation procedures, NCA transports oils and meals of AGD production as well as from other crushing plants additionally transporting other agricultural products and industrial goods, such as ores, arids, clinker and containers.

La Red NCA