Country Elevators

AGD’s management bears the poise of anticipating transformations in the oilseed sector ever since the company´s origins. Investments to increase or modernize installed production capacity always followed this policy. In the same manner, establishing an extensive network of country elevators for raw material origination also responded to the same criterion. 

Thus, as seed processing capacity gradually increased from 35 tons a day in 1948 to over 20 thousand tons a day currently, the supply of raw materials was reinforced by building up country elevators facilities in different geographical regions.

The AGD industrial group has country elevators and purchasing offices, distributed over 9 Argentine provinces: Córdoba, Chaco, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Tucumán, Salta, San Luis, Santiago del Estero and Entre Ríos. Any of these plants can receive soybeans, sunflowerseed, wheat, sorghum, corn, and peanuts. The various grains and seeds storaged will depend on available space, production area and the company’s commercial policy. 

Supplementing this raw material supplying structure, there is located in the province of Mendoza a plant, Graneles Andinos, where cereals, seeds and agroindustrial products in general for the foreign market are storaged and sent on.