Biomass Energy

Taking care of the air

Reduction of Greenhouse Gases (GGs)

In the year 2001, Aceitera General Deheza S.A. put into operation a plant for thermal power generation from renewable fuels, peanut shells and sunflower, replacing fossil fuel (natural gas) which was used up to that date.

Then, in 2008, a turbogenerator group was added to the facilities in order to make the cogeneration of electric and thermal energy from steam.

It is a water-tube boiler based on direct combustion grid-connected equipped with superheater, automated control system and ash filtering electrostatic precipitator.

The steam energy is used in the processes of grinding grain by heat exchangers or direct steam, while electric power is used for a large part of the company’s own consumption.

Main environmental benefits:
  • Usage of renewable resources
  • Reduction of GGs emissions by the substitution of fossil fuels and a greater efficiency of the cogeneration
  • Reduction of losses due to electricity transmission and distribution
  • Proper management of agricultural wastes
Data of the addition to the facilities:
  • Direct combustion grid-connected boiler, capacity 120 t/h steam
  • Steam superheater: 47 bar pressure, 400° C temperature
  • Steam turbine with intermediate steam extraction for processes at 11.5 bar and back pressure at 7 bar
  • 10.95 MW electric generator in 13.2 kV
  • Estimated annual consumption: 183,000 Ton of biomass