Business/Support Units

AGD’s operations are organized into four business units:


Agriculture and Livestock

Among the most relevant activities carried out by the Agriculture
and Livestock Business Unit (UNAGRO) may be mentioned:

Activities and aims

  • Farming of oilseeds and grains in lands owned by the company and through farming undertakings with partner farmers that will eventually be bound for the company”s crushing and export business.
  • Technical assistance and supply of fertilizers, agricultural chemicals and seeds to associate producers.
  • Cattle breeding and intensive hog breeding.



Grains and Oilseeds

Activities and aims
The Grains and Oilseeds Unit is mainly involved in:

  • Seed origination from Purchase Offices and a network of country elevators for grains and oilseeds.
  • Crushing of oilseeds.
  • Production and refining of soybean, sunflower seed, peanut and olive oils.
  • Marketing of vegoils and by-products for the domestic and international markets.
  • Grains marketing.
  • Origination of certified seed



Thanks to investments in technology and strategies followed, AGD Group plays a leading role in the peanut sector amounting to approximately 25% of the human consumption grade peanuts that Argentina sells worldwide.

Activities and aims
Among the Peanut Business Unit’s most relevant activities are the following:

  • Purchasing of farmer stock peanuts.
  • Shelling, Sorting and Sizing of edible peanuts for human consumption. 
  • Manufacture of blanched peanuts, peanut butter, roasted and diced peanuts.
  • Marketing of all the above products on the domestic and international markets.

Peanut by-products produced from the crushing of the oilseed, highly valued worldwide for their prime quality, are also very useful in AGD’s industrial processes. Thus, peanuts grades not suitable for human consumption are employed to obtain peanut oil and pellets; and the husk, due to its biomass properties, is used as fuel for the husk-fed boiler in the General Deheza crushing Plant.



This Business Unit was created with the purpose of introducing high-quality end-consumer oriented finished products into the Argentine market, and afterwards formed part of AGD’s major export strategy.

Activities and aims 
The Brands Business Unit is mainly involved in:

  • Oil bottling.
  • Logistics and distribution of these products.
  • Marketing into domestic and international markets.
  • Production of Mayonnaise, ketchup and cocktail sauce.

This flowchart distribution scheme is of the matrix type and seeks the vertical hierarchy integration concept that prevailed in the setting up of the business project aimed at achieving the maximum management efficiency.

AGD Group is involved in the whole chain of the production process, adding value at every stage. The Group starts from farming its own lands and entering into farming undertakings with other producers, who are provided with technical assistance, seed and agricultural chemicals by AGD and follows the chain crushing the raw material up to processing and packaging the final products, transporting by railway and shipping abroad.
Diversification into different activities fits in the concept of participating in any business connected with raw materials produced by the company or either contributing in costings or installed capacity optimization.

This working guideline, complemented by a sustained investment process and incorporation of state-of-the-art technology resulted in solid competitive advantages.