Market Share

The industrial conglomerate headed by Aceitera General Deheza produces crude soybean, sunflowerseed and peanut oils; refined and bottled as well; vegetable proteins; human consumption grade (HPS) peanuts and blanched peanuts; peanut butter, mayonnaises and dressings. It also produces biodiesel and ethanol.

It also farms and raises livestock, and sells grains mainly to markets abroad. 

AGD industrial conglomerate produces the following oils for the Domestic Market: Natura, Natura Blend, Sojola, Cada Día, and Copisi edible oils,sunflower seed vegetable oil spray, Natura Classic Olive, Natura Intense Flavored Olive, Mazola Olive, Natura, Cada Día, Manley's Young and Mayoliva mayonnaises;Manley's Young ketchup and Golf sauce; Natura ketchup, mustard and golf saucedressing; ketchup and golf dressing Cada Día; Soybean dressing Sojola .

The AGD industrial group produces the following for the Foreign Market: Natura, Mazola, Sojola and Cada Día edible oils; Natura Classic Olive, Natura Intense Flavored Olive and Mazola Olive; sunflower seed vegetable oil spray;Natura, Cada Día and Mayoliva mayonnaises; Natura ketchup, mustard and golf sauce dressing; ketchup and golf dressing Cada Día and peanut butter Runny's.

In the period 2018/19, AGD had a turnover more than 2,700 million dollars, counting the totals of exports and sales in the local market. 


Industrial Group

The Group’s main products are​:

  • Soybean, sunflower and peanut crude oil 
  • Sunflower and soybean, and maize and olive refined bottled oil 
  • Oilseed crushing byproducts, soybean, sunflower and peanut pellets 
  • Confectionery grade peanut 
  • Peanut butter 
  • Mayonnaise, ketchup and Golf sauce 
  • Biodiesel 
  • Glycerine refined 
  • Sales

    In the period 2020/21, AGD had a turnover more than 2,700 million dollars, counting the totals of exports and sales in the local market.



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    Consolidated United of Brands U$S357.531.227319.094.117309.521.335 314.009.267