Safety, Health and Environment Policy

AGD group makes a commitment to achieve, consolidate and increase its leadership through the constant fulfillment of its customers’ expectations, by supplying high-quality products and services that are chosen as best options.


“We are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for our employees and all those who carry out activities within our facilities, as well as making our processes sustainable and compatible with the environment where our activities are carried out. Industrial plants: General Deheza Peanut Plant, Alejandro Roca Peanut Plant and NIZA Peanut Plant. "

(UNMA-GER-GER-G03 / Rev. 2)


  • Assuming the commitment to implement, maintain and continuously improve Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and the Environment Management, integrating them into our entire value chain.
  • Creating a frame of reference for the establishment of objectives for the improvement of the Safety and Health of Workers and Environmental Management.
  • Creating and deploying an organizational culture towards risk reduction, elimination of hazards, prevention of environmental pollution and addressing opportunities.
  • Training our staff on how to do their jobs safely, while protecting the environment.
  • Providing the necessary resources to prevent injuries and deterioration of the health of workers, as well as minimize the impact of our operations on the environmental factors involved.
  • Establishing active communication channels that ensure the participation and consultation of all our personnel, their representatives and other interested parties.
  • Assuming the commitment to comply with the legal requirements and other applicable requirements in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment.