AGD group makes a commitment to achieve, consolidate and increase its leadership through the constant fulfillment of its customers’ expectations, by supplying high-quality products and services that are chosen as best options.


We are committed to provide our customers with healthy, safe and high quality products which meet our customer's expectations. In this way, we can achieve a leading position which is difficult to beat by our competitors.


“We are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for our employees and all those who carry out activities within our facilities, as well as making our processes sustainable and compatible with the environment where our activities are carried out. Industrial plants: General Deheza Peanut Plant, Alejandro Roca Peanut Plant and NIZA Peanut Plant. "

(UNMA-GER-GER-G03 / Rev. 1)


  • Implementing, maintaining and continuously improving Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and the Environment, integrating them into our entire value chain.
  • Creating and deploying an organizational culture towards the prevention of exposure to risks, addressing opportunities in both fields.
  • Permanently training our staff on how to carry out their work safely, while applying good environmental practices.
  • Providing the necessary resources to preserve the physical and mental health of workers and minimizing the impact of our operations on the environmental factors involved.
  • Establishing active communication channels that ensure the participation and consultation of all our personnel, their representatives and other interested parties.
  • Complying with the legal and regulatory requirements in force regarding Occupational Safety and Health and the Environment.


At the Brands Business Unit (Unidad de Negocios Marcas, UNMR)*, we are committed to constantly improving our processes in order to deliver to both our Customers and Consumers, high quality, non-hazardous products, and related services, that can be their best choice.  

The way we do it

  • By knowing in detail our Customers, Consumers and Third Parties expectations and needs so that they can be translated into concrete actions.
  • By knowing and complying with legal, regulatory and legislative requirements for the products we manufacture and the services we provide.
  • By constantly defining, documenting, measuring, checking and improving our administrative and productive processes.
  • By recognizing and tackling on Risks and Opportunities encountered in our working environment.
  • By keeping and enhancing the relationship with suppliers that share the Quality and Non-hazardours policy in force at AGD and its related companies.
  • By being efficient in each step of the process, through team work, by having the right technology and by maximizing the resources available in order to contribute to the company's profitability.
  • By leading the participation and commitment of all the parties to the organization.
  • By permanently improving our personnel quality of life through training and the complete development and fostering of a safe and clean working environment.
  • (*) Note: The UNMR includes the areas of Marketing, Salsas and Dressings Production, Oil Bottling and Logistics.