Processing Plants

AGD has 3 Processing Plants equipped with the highest technology, located in General Deheza and Alejandro Roca, province of Córdoba, and Villa Mercedes, province of San Luis.

Thanks to this strategically integrated industrial complex, 75% of the exported peanuts are high added value products like blanched peanut, roasted peanuts and peanut butter.

Year of inauguration1990
Number of employees70
Unloading capacityNiza does not received farmerstock. It is being supplied by PMD and PMA
Daily processing capacity150 TM Roasted peanuts, diced peanut and peanut butter.
Year of inauguration1996
Number of employees100
Unloading capacity150 trucks per day
Storage capacity65.000 TM farmerstock 
19.000 TM Finished products
Daily processing capacity500/600 TM Peanuts in shell / 240 TM Blanched peanuts


Year of inauguration1980
Number of employees100
Unloading capacity

 150 trucks per day

Daily processing capacity500/600 TM Peanuts in shell
240 TMBlanched peanuts