Alejandro Roca (Penaut Plant)

What is produced
The complex has a shelling plant that receives farmerstock in bulk to produce edible peanuts with skin. Only the Runner type is processed at this plant. After the cleaning, drying and sorting process the peanuts are suitable for human consumption grade (HPS), known as shelled peanuts with skin, ready to be classified by size according to the different commercial grades packed in jute bags and labeled, showing: Production Plant,Lot Number, Date of Production, Product, Harvest and Origin. The final product is then sent by railroad to the loading ports.

Processing Capacity
This plant has a processing capacity of 600 tons a day of farmer stock and 200 tons a day of (peanuts without skin). In addition, the plant has a storage capacity of 65,000 tons of farmer stock and 35,000 tons of finished product (50 % cold storage).

The Alejandro Roca Peanut Plant is located in the center of Argentina’s main peanut production area , 270 km from the city of Córdoba.

Alejandro Roca (Penaut Plant)


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